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Sifu Bruce brings a wealth of knowledge from different martial arts to his training sessions to give a holistic approach to his kung fu, which he passes on to his students in a friendly and relaxed fashion.

Nick MedniukLawyer

I’ve always been interested in martial arts and having tried various schools I had always lost interest within a few months if not sooner. I’ve been training Weng Chun for 7yrs + and can’t imagine ever stopping. Sifu Bruce’s standard of teaching is great, my knowledge of the body and my potential fitness, flexibility, mental strength as improved immensely. I would highly recommend the school to anyone interested in Martial arts.

Earl PatrickProject Manager

Shaolin Ancestors Weng Chun has been quite the game changer for me – not just from a physical perspective, but also for my confidence and mental well being. The obvious health and body benefit aside, Bruce and his training have been immeasurably fantastic in instilling a discipline and thought process that pays dividends every day in my work and my life. I look better, I feel better and it’s actually pretty good fun. Thoroughly recommended.

ben pritchard
Ben PritchardWeb Developer

30 years of martial arts experience. I’ve trained in every style imaginable. Every so often someone comes along who’s skill and comprehension is baffling. Bruce is one of those rare people who’s constantly updating his skillsets. If you want quality Kung Fu instruction in the UK then you cannot go wrong with Shaolin Ancestors Weng Chun! 

richard pawlowicz
Richard PawlowiczRetired Builder

I have always been an avid fan of combat sports since my early childhood and trained in boxing from my mid to late teens. After a friend asked me to come along to a Weng Chun lesson and I became hooked. Not only are the classes friendly and inclusive to those of all levels and abilities, but also Weng Chun conditions the individual psychologically and physiologically, preparing you for intense neural and muscular reaction. read more

Han TsoiFinancial Analyst

Perfection in every detail

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