Not sure whether the London Shaolin Weng Chun Kung Fu Academy is right for you? Then read what our students and former students are saying about us

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  • Veronica FoxxUniversity Student

    As a foreign female university student in London i have found Weng Chun Kung Fu to be an essential component in my student life style as it gives me some time to myself and a break from university work.

    I have always been a Kung Fu enthusiast but I've seen so many bad schools around the Capital i didn't know where to join and just happened to stumble onto a Weng Chun Kung Fu school here in East London and it has been alot of fun to learn and highly effective on the street as a self defence system.

    Weng Chun is a complete self-defence system that doesn't just show you what to do or how to do it, but also tells you why it is done. It is a highly effective Chinese martial art based on principles, concepts and theories, all of which appeal to me. Above all it is rational and the simplicity of some of the applications is truly amazing.

    I have seen both male and female being changed by the classes, myself included, and I would definately recommend it to anyone serious about martial arts to give this school a try.

  • Han TsoiFinancial Analyst

    I have always been an avid fan of combat sports since my early childhood and trained in boxing from my mid to late teens. After a friend asked me to come along to a Weng Chun lesson and I became hooked. Not only are the classes friendly and inclusive to those of all levels and abilities, but also Weng Chun conditions the individual psychologically and physiologically, preparing you for intense neural and muscular reaction. It implies discipline of mind and endurance of the body. It develops skill. It makes all of these things work together in harmony.

    I have found that training with Bruce develops the individual for participation. His training deals not with an object, but with the human spirit and human emotions. Developing the intellect and judgement of the practitioner to handle such delicate qualities.

    I believe Weng Chun allows me to express myself physically with complete freedom, without limitations of a "right" or "wrong" way, this in itself is, in my opinion, the most beautiful thing about Weng Chun.

  • Amanda Sinclair

    I started Weng Chun since May 2007 and I really enjoy it. It’s a great martial art to learn because it can be very useful in ‘real’ situations and you don’t have to be super fit to do it (although that helps)!

    Also you are not forced to practice in a set way, everyone is different and can find what feels comfortable for them, that is why Weng Chun is suitable for everyone, no matter what your age, sex or size.

    Sifu Bruce Cat is an encouraging, knowledgeable, and professional instructor. His classes are fun and well organised. I've not only increased my strength, endurance and flexibility, but I've also became more motivated and confident.

    I just can not say enough positive things about Bruce and the rest of the instructors. All of them are exceptional. A friendly school and excellent teachers makes all the difference in the world.

  • George FoxSenior Data Analyst
    I studied Wing Tsun for about three years and was then introduced to Shaolin Chi Sim Weng Chun (or just Weng Chun) in the autumn of 2005, so I’ve been doing it for about 15 months now. I decided to concentrate on Weng Chun and have spent time training at the school in Copenhagen as well as at a training camp at the Bamberg headquarters in Germany. We have strong links with the Weng Chun family in Denmark. Weng Chun is trained in a good spirit. There is no withholding of information. It is also natural; a lot of the drills go naturally into specific sparring making them quickly come to life. For a good while Bruce and I were the only practitioners on these shores and most of my training has been as his private student. I am very privileged to be Bruce’s assistant instructor and aim to improve and grow with my Weng Chun. At the same time I want all the students to improve and develop in the same way. That’s the way it is; for me that’s one of the great things about Weng Chun.
  • Jake NewmanProperty Management
    Prior to being introduced to Weng Chun, I had trained in the art of Shotokan Karate and Kick boxing. I started learning with Bruce on a one to one basis, as I feel that, as a beginner, I would learn more effectively. I see Weng Chun, as being an ideal martial art, as it prepares you for real fighting. The basic principles of body mechanics and energy can be applied in any situation, be it in the dojo or the street. My Weng Chun training has added another dimension to my experience, my own strength, control and stability on both an internal and external level. Whilst in combat, I am beginning to learn to be completely aware of myself and my surroundings. I would recommend Weng Chun to anyone considering taking up a martial art.
  • Mike Thompson

    My name is Mike Thompson, I’ve been training with the Weng Chun family since January 2007. Bruce and the students are very friendly and always willing to help with no competitive attitude.

    I’ve noticed that Weng Chun is a very good and effective system. It teaches you to develop sensitivity and how to react automatically to certain situations. The form looks difficult but you find actually it repeats itself a lot and once you’ve understood how the form works it makes you a better fighter, it also looks very impressive.

    I would recommend this style of Kung Fu to anyone who wants to take martial arts to another level.

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