Private Tuition

shaolin kung fu london academy

Private tuition can take place at your home, office, gym or at an instructor’s home.

Why Should You Take Shaolin Weng Chun Kung Fu Private Tuition ?

shaolin kung fu london academy

Private tuition is aimed primarily at students who may want to have that little bit extra when it comes to Weng Chun Kung Fu training and the one on one lessons with the chief instructor or one of the senior level instructors will provide you with a more Rapid progression and faster visible results, using a structured learning platform tailored to suit your needs you can work at your own pace developing specific areas from the basics to advanced techniques or you can work on the forms.

We can set goals depending on your current ability, fitness and then drive your development, giving you positive and constructive feedback on your development, constantly evaluating your skill level.

Private tuition is ideal if you have fallen behind in class or want to progress faster and the lessons can be arranged at a time to suit your busy schedule.

Alternatively SMALL GROUP TUITION with one or more students will add the same benefits, as well as being more affordable.

If you wish to train Weng Chun Kung Fu privately or simply just talk to someone about it. all Bruce on 07891 1128 54 or use the contact form and we will be more than willing to help.

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