Academy Training Packages

Becoming a member

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Since joing the London Kung Fu Academy I have never looked back. I am fitter, more confident and more aware plus the flexible training package makes life easy! Amanda Nielsen, Artist and Photographer.

The annual membership fee

Adult’s annual membership is £50 and unemployed/children’s annual membership is £35. The trial period is a month after which time you must purchase an annual membership.

Trial lesson

Potential students are welcome to try out a Shaolin Weng Chun Kung Fu lesson for FREE. All you need to do is complete the Trial Lesson Sign Up Form and we’ll get back to you. Or you can call Bruce 07891 1128 54 for more information and to reserve your place.

Trial Session Days & Times

Any beginner class in London on Monday,Thursday or Saturday (Book Now)

Trial class details

The trial class is designed to serve 3 purposes, firstly, it serves as a valid self defence course, secondly, to give you an insight into the type of training we do at our club & finally to give you more info should you decide to join.

Recommended clothing for the Trial Class

As the trial class is part theory and part physical, we recommended clothing for the trial class to be flat soled training shoes, t-shirt, training trousers, a towel & bottle of water.

Tuition fee

To ensures that students regularly attend classes, by motivating them through the most difficult periods of their training and to enhance a friendly atmosphere and promote club spirit tuition fee is paid monthly in advance. This system of funding allows us to pay for first class training halls, set up seminars with the Weng Chun masters from abroad and provide better training equipments. We don’t have a contract where you have to sign up for six months or a year like most martial arts and self defence schools, you can simply pay monthly and cancel any time you wish to.

Beginners introduction Weng Chun course

Beginners courses are offered at a fee of £45 per 4 week course, this includes altogether 12 lessons, giving new students a saving of £20. You can attend all 3 lessons per week. The attendance of these classes is optional, meaning that students are free to choose their own training schedule that suits their time and personal circumstances. The 4 week beginner course is designed to give new students an opportunity to try out all Weng Chun Kung Fu classes.

Club tuition fee options

Adult and Student’s Kung Fu tuition fees are as follows:

£25 per month enables children under 16 and students to take any two classes a week

£45 per month enables you to take any one class a week (4 classes a month)

£55 per month enables you to take any two classes a week (8 classes per month)

£75 per month enables you to take any three classes a week (12 classes per month)

£720 enables you to take unlimited classes a week for a whole year

shaolin kung fu london academy


THe London Kung Fu Academy ensures that all classes & courses are conducted in a safe & secure environment, under qualified supervision, using instructors that are fully covered with public liability & personal indemnity insurance.

However, although not a legal requirement, in order to protect students against accidental injury from, or to, other students, The London Kung Fu Academy recommends insurance through the British Combat Association should they feel they want to be covered in the unlikely event that this could occur.

If you wish to take this insurance please ask in class for details.

Class cancellation policy

In the unlikely event of class cancellation due to circumstances such as an instructor being injured or taken ill you may train at any one of our other weekly classes in order to make up for your lost session. Where possible, class cancellations are posted on the news page of our website or our facebook page as soon as we are aware of them.

Annual leave

No classes are run during Bank Holidays and we take our annual leave in July & / or August for 2 weeks and another 2 weeks over the Christmas & New Year period. Exact dates vary year to year and will be posted on the news page when decided.

We don’t make you sign a six month to a year contract like most other martial arts schools out there. You can choose to pay monthly and cancel your membership anytime, providing that you let us know a week before the month is over.