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Bruce Cat – Chief Instructor

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Bruce Cat is the chief instructor at The Shaolin Weng Chun Kung Fu London Academy. He started studying Shotokan Karate and Judo when he was a teenager – competing in more than 15 different tournaments between many different karate schools and styles.

Bruce started training in Wushu, Yang Tai chi, Leungting Wingtsun and Latosa Escrima when he moved to Denmark from London. He also taught Wingtsun and Wingtjun for the IWKA in the UK prior to teaching Weng Chun.

Although happy with his training and achievements, he was ready for a new challenge when he discovered Shaolin Weng Chun Kung Fu. He began to concentrate all his time learning this treasure of Shaolin with the inheritor of the system Gm Andreas Hoffmann. The way the Grandmaster combines strikes, locks and throws is perfect, and something Bruce aspires to.

Bruce opened the first London Weng Chun academy back in 2008 and it is growing in popularity ever since.

Currently Bruce is training Hunyuan Chen Tai Chi, Shaolin Ancestors Fist, Brazilian Jiujitsu as well as Weng Chun Kung Fu.

The chief instructor for the UK Weng Chun academy has been given many treasures over the years from so many families and great teachers, who have all shared their knowledge and experiences with him. He would like to thank all his past and present teachers as well as his training partners and martial art friends.

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