I have always been an avid fan of combat sports since my early childhood and trained in boxing from my mid to late teens. After a friend asked me to come along to a Weng Chun lesson and I became hooked. Not only are the classes friendly and inclusive to those of all levels and abilities, but also Weng Chun conditions the individual psychologically and physiologically, preparing you for intense neural and muscular reaction. It implies discipline of mind and endurance of the body. It develops skill. It makes all of these things work together in harmony.

I have found that training with Bruce develops the individual for participation. His training deals not with an object, but with the human spirit and human emotions. Developing the intellect and judgement of the practitioner to handle such delicate qualities.

I believe Weng Chun allows me to express myself physically with complete freedom, without limitations of a “right” or “wrong” way, this in itself is, in my opinion, the most beautiful thing about Weng Chun.