The Internal Power of Shaolin Kung Fu

The Shaolin Ancestors Weng Chun Kung Fu Academy in London was founded in 2008 by Bruce Cat. After many years of studying different styles of Shaolin Kung Fu, Latosa Escrima, GM Andreas Hoffmann Weng Chun, GM Leungting Wing Chun and several other lineages of Mainland China Wing Chun, Sifu Sergio Pascal Ladarola IWKA Wingtjun, Sifu Siukee Wan Shaolin Ancestors Wing Chun as well as Brazillian Jiujitsu from some of the best black belts in the world. Bruce has refined and pieced together a comprehensive Weng Chun system that meets the need of today’s modern student.

Students of the London Shaolin Ancestors Weng Chun Kung Fu Academy are all very different, ranging from people who have no previous martial art training to the discerning martial artist, coming from martial arts backgrounds like Karate, Taekwondo, Boxing, Hung Gar, MMA, Jiujitsu, Tai Chi and other Wing Chun styles. Our students do share similarities, most notably a dedication to learning an effective self-defence system in a no ego and friendly environment.

Weng Chun “Eternal Spring” is not to be confused with the popular Yip Man Wing Chun “Beautiful Spring”, though some techniques look similar on the surface, the concepts are very different.

Balance and Harmony in Mind and Body

Our mission is to teach this unique style of Southern Shaolin kung fu for self-defence, to improve self-confidence, to achieve balance and harmony in mind and body and to inspire and encourage a sense of lifelong personal development and learning.

Our aim is to elevate Shaolin Weng Chun Kung Fu to its next evolutionary level.


Shaolin Ancestors Weng Chun Kung Fu looks on the surface somewhat similar to Yip Man Wing Chun, Tai Chi, and some Southern Chinese martial arts styles. But there are some differences in concepts, body mechanics and forms. If you have been training Yip Man Wing Chun or Chinese Kung Fu before and want to improve your martial arts knowledge, then why not give us a try.

Not only does Weng Chun compliments Wing Chun and other styles of martial arts. Weng Chun Kung Fu will enhance your self-defence and fighting ability as well.

If you’re looking for a school that teaches a realistic Self Defence system, then Shaolin Ancestors Weng Chun Kung Fu Academy is the best place for you. Our classes are friendly, ego-free, fun and our doors are open to everyone. Whether you’re an experienced Martial Artist with years of training behind you or a total novice. Our instructors are waiting for your call to help with your journey into the wonderful world of Weng Chun Kung Fu.

We guarantee you personal attention. We will ensure that you are treated as an individual. You will be taught and helped in a way so that you reach your full potential.

Chinese Martial Arts are great for bringing together your mind, body and spirit into harmony, but not only that, a fantastic way to improve flexibility, coordination, increase strength & endurance, improve your cardiovascular, build internal power and anaerobic fitness and more importantly in this day and age an awesome way of beating stress!

With 15 years of experience, our approach is well structured, simple, easy to learn, and incorporates a high level of fitness and self-defence training. We provide a professional standard of martial arts, fitness, and self-defence training for all ages.

The soft flowing nature of Weng Chun Kung Fu lends itself to be a flexible martial art that is timeless and can be used effectively for self-defence, recreation and health. Classes are friendly and informal, and students are allowed to train and progress at their own pace.

Shaolin Ancestors Weng Chun Kung Fu takes a scientific approach to its self-defence – its main feature being that it was designed to enable a weaker opponent to defeat a stronger one. It is also one of the few Kung Fu systems that employ ‘Chi Sau – Sticking Hands’, a method of sensitivity training that is specifically designed to subdue an opponent once contact has been established.

Many people feel vulnerable from time-to-time. True Martial Arts, help to promote inner-strength, confidence, resourcefulness, and responsibility replacing insecurity, helplessness, and dependency as one meets the challenges of life and finds the solutions for them.

One such solution to one of life’s many challenges is to shrink inwardly with fear or at least to try to hide this insecure feeling. However, another better method is to choose gentleness or soft power, through having attained the skills of self-defence, one has removed the fear of angering or displeasing and replaced it with a new understanding about quiet confidence.

Whether you’re looking for an effective self-defence system, gain self-confidence in any given situations or just want to increase general health, wellness, fitness, release stress. Weng Chun Kung Fu offers a challenging way of achieving your goals and potential.

The time is now to make it a part of YOU. Come train with us

The greatest thing about Shaolin Ancestors Weng Chun is that it doesn’t matter whether you are a long-term martial artist, a total beginner, or even just simply looking at a martial art to increase your health. All of these things and more make Shaolin Ancestors Weng Chun Kung Fu Academy beneficial for you.

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