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Shaolin Ancestors Weng Chun Kung Fu is a practical self-defence system, which is based on realising your full potential as a human being, starting with developing your natural physical intelligence and mastering your own physical space through movement. Doing that, however, necessarily also involves psychological and spiritual self-awareness. A dynamic and holistic system, Shaolin Ancestors Weng Chun Kung Fu shapes both body and mind. It embraces not only the Martial Arts but Shaolin Chan philosophy, Chi Qong for health, and conditioning exercises.

Shaolin Ancestors Weng Chun Kung Fu has evolved for use in the 21st century and continually evolving. It places a great emphasis on simplicity and directness and was developed to counter all the other different styles of Kung Fu. The creation of this effective system focused on optimising human physiological and bio-mechanical expression in combat. It is a truly sophisticated Chinese martial art which appeals to children, men and women of all ages.

We believe that what we have to offer in our classes is truly unique and lots of fun. You are welcomed to come along to watch and/or participate if you are interested in attending these classes – the first lesson is FREE and you can come on any day.

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Minimum Movement, Maximum Efficiency

Shaolin Ancestors Weng Chun has an explosive internal engine driven by the constant flow and expansion of energy, which further increases the system’s practicality and efficiency in real combat situations. Shaolin Ancestors Weng Chun is a Chinese martial art system that brings together both ends of the broad spectrum of Chinese kung fu—hardness and softness, the external and the internal.


Shaolin Ancestors Weng Chun Kung Fu Academy trains students to fight in all phases of combat: kicks, strikes, locks, clinches, throws and ground fighting. Long and short weapons are also used within a complete set of strategies and tactics. Through regular weekly training, you will gain self-defence skills as well as make new friends, improve self-confidence, fitness and relieve the stress of today’s hectic world.

Our self-defence program is second to none: The main misconception about self-defence is that it is all about physically defending oneself and in order to do this, you too have to be, physically, very fit.

Defending oneself comes in many forms, starting with awareness and escalating to physical contact and possibly counterattack.

Usually, the first form of self-defence, prior to the first blows being thrown or landed, is conducted verbally. Having the ability to talk down a situation and calm the other individual, pacifying the aggressor and removing the threat that they are feeling, will normally help to de-escalate a situation.

Self-defence is firstly knowledge and awareness giving rise to your skills of assessment. Violent situations are normally preceded by threatening behavioural clues.

Learning self-defence will give you more confidence in dealing with all situations leading up to and contending with the physical elements of self-defence.

There are many benefits to adopting the study and practice of self-defence in your schedule. You can use it to improve your fitness, to manage your stress and to create safer habits which will help to reduce the potential of being attacked. This is what we call confidence in living.

Many people feel vulnerable from time-to-time. True Martial Arts, help to promote inner-strength, confidence, resourcefulness, and responsibility replacing insecurity, helplessness, and dependency as one meets the challenges of life and finds the solutions for them.

One such solution to one of life’s many challenges is to shrink inwardly with fear or at least to try to hide this insecure feeling. However another better method is to choose gentleness or soft power, through having attained the skills of self-defence, one has removed the fear of angering or displeasing and replaced it with a new understanding about quiet confidence.

Whether you’re looking for an effective self-defence system, gain self-confidence in any given situations or just want to increase general health, fitness, release stress and well being. Shaolin Ancestors Weng Chun offers a challenging way of achieving your goals and potential.

Our mission is to teach this unique style of Southern Shaolin kung fu for self-defence, to improve self-confidence and to inspire and encourage a sense of lifelong personal development and learning.

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